Sit back and relax, we'll take care of collecting all the essential legal, payroll and tax credit documents for your content from crew when they onboard.

What we've done with deal memos are game-changing for the storytelling industry. Using powerful editing tools, variables, digital signatures and smart PDF generation, Content Creators can store all their deal memo templates in Circus and keep consistent language and formatting across all documents. When a Cast or Crew Member onboards, Circus will automatically construct a deal memo consisting of 3 parts:

  1. The top sheet with content information, Talent work profile (name, contact, payroll details, residency, etc) and all deal points associated with the that cast or crew member. This is all done automatically by our engines. 
  2. The general language of the deal memo
  3. The signatures of the Talent and production representative. 

If you'd like for your Talent to sign a deal memo, turning the switch on will enable you to edit our free deal memo template made available below. We provide a standard default template just for reference but we STRONGLY recommend that you seek legal counsel to construct a customized deal memo for your Production. 

Changing the Deal Memo Title

To change the deal memo title, simply click on the title field and enter a new name, then click Save, closing the editing box. Note: You'll need to also click the large SAVE & CONTINUE button at the bottom to save all of the settings on this page.

Editing Deal Memos

To edit the deal memo, click the text in the edit box and simply begin typing using your keyboard. You can remove the default text and replace it completely with your version of a deal memo by copying and pasting it into the text box. When you paste it into the box, we'll automatically remove any text styling and formatting to keep all text consistent. Be sure to click Save when you're finished editing!  Deal memos are individual to each production, however as a Content Creator you will have access to all the deal memos you create, should you wish to re-use them in the future.

Bolding, Italicizing and Underlining Features

We have Bold, Italicize and Underline options to further customize language in the deal memo that can be utilized by highlighting the word/s you want altered and then clicking on one of the editing tools.

Also, make sure you remove any mention of unique or specific deal points that pertain to individual Cast or Crew Members, just leave the main language of the deal memo. This is because we break out all the deal points that you will set later when you Invite Talent, and will include everything unique to each Cast or Crew Member in a top sheet.

Adding Variables

Circus allows Content Creators to create persistent variables that are associated with the Content and Talent.  

Variables allow content creators to centralize the definition of commonly used text – company names, Talent names, content titles, etc. – and then easily reuse this text within documents. Variables are also used as placeholder pieces of text that automatically update whenever their value changes.

For example, a content creator can add a variable called Contractor Name and insert this variable into the content of their document any number of times. When the content creator assigns or changes the value of the Contractor Name variable, all occurrences of Contractor Name throughout the document will automatically update to reflect the change.

Whew! That was a long one!  But now that Legal is out of the way, we can move on to the final section, Billing.

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