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Contacting Support

Contacting Circus support via live chat or email

Updated over a week ago

Circus provides unparalleled support for all our users. We know that submitting a ticket is not an ideal process when you need a fast response. That's why we prefer to have a chat with you.

While working on a production in Circus, you can reach us anytime; click the chat icon in the bottom-right corner, then click Send us a message. Our live chat support team is available from 0800 PT to 1600 PT. After hours, we'll have Hal, our AI powered bot to help with any questions and our articles are available to read 24/7.

🚨 Be sure to disable any ad-blockers you might have installed on your browser – it could be blocking our chat bubble.

If the live chat support feature is not available on your browser, we can also be reached via email at

Contacting the production office

If you're looking to contact the production office for non tech-related reasons, you can usually find the production office phone number either on your call sheet, or on the Circus platform, by clicking on the production from your dashboard. You'll find all the production details as well as the production company, name, address and phone number on the right side of your screen.

Note: The phone number is only accessible on desktop at this time. Reach out to support for assistance.

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