This part of setting up your Content will help you associate which local unions your Production expects to be working so that when you invite Talent, you can have their union, member status and number appear on all docs like deal memos. 

Selecting a partner is easy. Just indicate which region you are shooting in, then use the toggle to switch on the Content Partner from the list of available options. That Content Partner will now be made available on the Invite Talent page.

Accessing Content Partner Docs

For some unions, such as UBCP/ACTRA we will also grant you access to their union docs such as Performer Forms for the Ultra Low Budget (ULB) Programs once your Content has been approved. 

To get access to these forms, simply switch 'on' the union, then select which program you are participating in, either:

  • Standard ULB Program
  • 40 Under Indie ULB Program
  • Student ULB Program

Once you select the program, you will then be asked to send your completed application to UBCP via You'll be notified once your application is approved and granted access to the cast performer forms on the platform. 

Next, go to the Invite Talent page and select UBCP as a union for the Talent you are inviting. The Performer Form will then be made available which you can turn on. When you send the invite and the Talent onboards, we will inject all the deal points onto the Performer Form – all Talent has to do is sign. 

What happens to the Form? 

We'll automatically send a copy to UBCP and store the original in the 'Documents' section under the Talent Lists. 

More Content Partners

We are currently in process of adding more Content Partners and if you are one and would like to be a part of the Circus ecosystem, get in touch! 

Note: Circus currently only supports Canadian productions and documents at this time. For US productions, please get in touch with us at

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