Sit back and relax, we'll collect docs for your content from Talent when they onboard, including contracts. 

What we've done with contracts are game-changing for the storytelling industry. Using powerful editing tools, variables, digital signatures and smart PDF generation, Content Creators can store all their deal memo templates in Circus and keep consistent language and formatting across all documents. 

Getting Started

When you're setting up your content, you'll reach the 'Build Contracts' page. Here you can keep a list of all your contracts and add new ones by clicking on the '+ Add new contract link' as seen below. You can also edit the contract (and the contract title) by clicking the edit icon next to the contract name or you may remove the contract by clicking on garbage can icon.

Once you click on the link, you'll reach the 'Manage Contracts' page where you can 'Start from Scratch' by either copying and pasting your lawyer’s template or entering your own legal copy. You can also work with one of our templates to easily build and edit contracts that your Talent can sign during onboarding. Please note: Our templates are simply a starting guide. We advise all Creators to consult their entertainment lawyer to finalize their contracts.

Creating a New Contract

If you'd like to edit a contract, click on any one of the cards – you'll reach our contract editor that allows you to edit the copy and use editing tools to bold, italicize, underline and list items into the contract. To add variables that update automatically when you send to multiple talent, click on the variable icon in the top bar that looks like this: <+>.  You can choose from the following options:

  • Content Title
  • Content Type (Short Film, Branded Content, Music Video, Series, Feature Film)
  • Production Company
  • Talent Name
  • Execution Date

Once you're finished editing, click the 'Publish Contract' button on the top right of the editing bar and we'll add the contract to the list of contracts that will be available to choose when you invite Talent.

How our Contracts look.

When Talent onboards, Circus will automatically construct a deal memo consisting of two parts:

The Top Sheet

The top sheet (seen below) which is automatically generated by Circus. It'll include everything the productions needs to know: the content details (content title, production company info, etc), Cast and Crew work profile details (name, contact, union member status, payroll details, residency, etc) and all deal points associated with the that cast or crew member (role, dates, rates, kit fees, etc).

General language of the deal memo and the signatures of the Talent and production representative. 

We'll include the text you provided as well as the automatically injected variables, such as Talent Name, Production Company Name, Content Title, etc. The typed or drawn signatures will appear at the bottom of the contract as well as the executed data and printed name of the signer.

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