Information is kind of our specialty here at Circus.  However, it's important to us that the right people get access to the right information!  For example, it's probably not important for the Boom Operator to know everyone's food allergies, but those details are incredibly vital to roles like Catering and Craft Services!  Similarly, we want to be sure that when it comes to things like Contracts and Deal Points, only the people who absolutely need to see that level of information have it!  So we've created several different levels of permissions for the different roles on your production!  This article explains all the differences between permission levels -- if you're looking for help on HOW to change permission levels, please click here.

Permissions Levels

Crew/Cast Member (including Background)

This is the default permission level assigned to everyone who onboards to your production.  They are able to see the Contact information of all the other Cast/Crew Members by opening up the Talent List, as well as basic information on the Production's dashboard and any uploaded Production Documents, but that's all.  This permission level should be sufficient for the majority of people working on any show.

Note: Cast members can see the crew list, but crew cannot see the cast list as this is usually on a need-to-know basis. 

Health & Safety

This permission level is nearly identical to the one listed above, however it also includes access to each crew member's Health Concerns, which they will have listed when they onboarded (e.g. Nut allergy, Vegetarian, etc.), as well as that crew member's emergency contact name and phone number.  

This level of access should be granted to anyone on the production dealing with food -- Catering, Craft Services -- as well as anybody who is officially providing First Aid (usually someone in the production office is tasked with this, in addition to those on set).


This permission level is designed specifically for Casting Directors, and allows them to send invites to new Cast Members and new Background Actors to assist in getting them onboarded with the production.  It will also provide access to the relevant documents (residency docs, deal memos. etc.) associated with Cast Members.

as the name suggests, this will ONLY allow onboarding invites to be sent to new Cast -- it will NOT allow access to Crew invites or Crew documents.


Office access is quite powerful, so we recommend only handing it out to a select few!  These permissions allow the user to send invites to new Cast and Crew members, as well as give access to all of their documents, including rate breakdowns and payroll-related items.  It will also allow the user to Edit Deal Points of existing Crew Members.  

Since this permission level has access to information which is sensitive and confidential, as well as the ability to alter contracts, we suggest only giving it to folks like Producers, Production Manager, Production Co-ordinator, and Head Accountant.  

Content Creator

This is the account which created the whole Production in the first place.  Content Creators have access to everything on their specific production, including altering the permission levels of any talent to one of the levels listed above, as well as the ability to Wrap the entire production when it's complete.  Therefore, the Content Creator should be someone who is involved with it every step of the way, and who has no problem interacting on a daily basis -- someone like a Producer or Production Manager.

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